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Organic eggs: Lamberdina's Hoeve

1 min read published on 29 November 2020

The first poles are in the ground and mark the future of Lamberdina's Hoeve. The organic stable of Eric Thielen from Castenray. Where grandmother Lamberdina Thielen collected the eggs 100 years ago, a unique organic poultry farm is being built.Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

At the invitation of Eric Thielen (entrepreneur, third generation poultry farmers and grandson of Lamberdina), various organisations and entrepreneurs (Municipality of Venray, Gommans, Vencomatic Group, Theunissen, Arvalis, Vitelia, Knijenburg Advies and Accon avm) conducted an extensive brainstorming session to discuss a whole new way of keeping chickens and the creation of a living environment that is in keeping with the natural environment of the chicken. The cooperation is guaranteed by shared intrinsic values and standards.

The commitment is the determination to realise with all stakeholders a way of food supply, specifically egg production, which everyone is convinced is the only good way.

Eric Thielen: "Economics is important, but taking sustainable care of people, animals, nature and the environment and tomorrow's day is a full-fledged way of life. Lamberdinas Hoeve will be a unique farm where the chickens have a beautiful spout and have all the space they need to live under the trees and bushes: scratching, eating, drinking, resting and laying eggs".

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