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Golden Egg Award

Together we deliver solutions for successful poultry husbandry with the lowest possible environmental impact while achieving the highest animal welfare levels. The Golden Egg Award included three segments:

1. Layers: projects related to on-farm table egg production, including housing systems, egg handling systems, and climate solutions.

2. Broilers: projects related to on-farm hatching egg production, including housing systems, egg handling systems, hatchery egg intake systems, and climate solutions.

3. Breeders: projects related to housing, on-farm breeder production, and climate solutions.


Winner Golden Egg Award 2021, voted by Global partners

Partner:  Rokkedahl Energi

Customer: Snorre Hellesvik, Norway

Project: Heat exchanger ECO Unit - roof solutions 

" If we are honest, the real winners are not us but our customer that has taken a step towards energy reductions and better animal welfare." 

Anja Møller - Rokkedahl Energi

Golden egg award
Winner category broilers
Customer: Snorre Hellesvik
Partner: Rokkedahl Energi 

It is the first Norwegian project with an ECO Unit installation over the roof. It saves the customer 60% of his heating costs, and creates a very good climate in the house.


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Golden egg award
Winner category breeders
Customer: Greenfarm - ECO Air Care 
Partner: Wouters Vencotec

The ECO Air Care captures ammonia from the air. The installation at Greenfarm is unique, as it is the very first revolutionary project with this type of ECO Air Care unit in the world.  


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Golden egg award
Winner category layers
Customer: Moos Butzen
Partner: VencoTec GmbH

The close cooperation between VencoTec and Vencomatic Group was recognized by the customer as a true benefit. 'Best in class’ project showcasing a 160,000 laying hens poultry house installation incl. the latest Meggsius innovations.


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2021 Golden Egg Award nominees

Nominees of categories:
broilers, breeders and layers

Broilers nominations

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